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Why Choose Ryan’s Express?

Our staff offers decades of combined experience in servicing domestic and international tour groups, destination management companies, hotels, resorts, universities, school activities, transit agencies, large employers, airports, military, Casinos, Cruise Ship transfers, and travel agencies.

Ryan’s Express is a Transportation Safety Exchange (TSX) Approved Carrier.


How does Ryan’s TSX Approval Save you Time & Money?

–          Recent court cases have established that group organizers who hire a charter bus may share liability with the charter bus operator when a traffic accident results in personal injury or death, with potential cost to organizers in legal fees and lawsuit awards.

–          Fewer than 3% of the 700,000 buses in the U.S. undergo annual state or federal inspection so courts have extended safety liability to trip organizers.

–          The best protection you have against exposure to liability is to choose a provider based on their safely ratings.

–          Charter bus operators within the TSX Network are pre-certified to the highest standards available and submit all their vehicles to monthly inspections.

–          Choosing a Charter Bus Company that is TSX-Approved saves you the Time & Money by a) knowing that inspections and training sessions have been performed by an independent group of experts and b)adding an extra layer of protection between you and the risk of damage, loss, and litigation.

How can you find out if a bus charter company is TSX Approved?

We’re glad you asked.  Simply Click Here to go to the TSX website and select the button to “Find a Carrier and its Rating.”  Then fill in the Carrier’s Name, State, select “Bus,” and press “Submit.”

What is TSX?

Transportation Safety Exchange is the industry leader in ground transportation safety, with an unmatched reputation. They have been evaluating and monitoring motor carriers and their safety management controls for more than 20 years, with an unparalleled track record of success.  Similar to Consumer Reports, TSX provides a valuable rating service focused on the ground transportation industry.  ​​

Who is Ryan’s Express?

Ryan’s Express is the premier provider of chauffeured ground transportation services across three Western states. Our experience in the ground transportation industry qualifies us to service a variety of domestic or international tour groups, corporate travel groups, travel agencies/destination management companies, hotels/resorts, universities, schools, clubs and charters Transit agencies, large employers, and airports. We are also qualified for D.O.D transport, and are glad to service military clients at every opportunity.

Our fully stocked fleet of vehicles includes clean, comfortable and fully loaded luxury motor coaches, mid-sized motor coaches, mini-coaches, deluxe passenger vans, SUVs and town car sedans. For student groups, schools and school districts, we offer some of the most upscale school buses available in the nation. We take care to ensure that our vehicles operate at top performance at all times, so that your ground transportation experience is nothing short of excellent.

When you trust Ryan’s Express to provide your ground transportation, your vehicle will arrive on schedule, cleaned and detailed. It will be operated by one of our uniformed professional drivers, all of whom are amicable, knowledgeable, trained in transportation safety and dedicated to customer service.
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Experienced, dedicated drivers will get you to and from your destination in comfort and in style, allowing you to concentrate on what is most important to you.  We stand above our competition by offering a tailored travel solution for both corporate and leisure travelers.  Day or night, Ryan’s Express is ready to get you where you need to go:

  • Trustworthy (We will always deliver what we promise)
  • Honest (There are no hidden fees)
  • Reliable (We will be there when you need us)
  • Prompt (We will always be on time)
  • Safe (Our drivers receive cutting edge training and have spotless driving records)
  • Licensed & Insured (Our fleet is fully insured, and our company is licensed)