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Commitment to Safety

When you consider your transportation needs, Ryan’s Express considers your safety, it is our #1 core value.


What we do:

  • We pride ourselves in having the best trained, most experienced drivers, each screened
    to the highest standards.
  • Our hiring process eliminates all but the most qualified operators.
  • We also employ a meticulous regimen of preventative maintenance with our entire fleet.
  • Our service department is highly skilled and proud to do their part to make our company
    one of the safest in the industry.
  • Whether it is as simple as a burned out reading light, or as complex as a transmission service, our team of certified mechanics see to it that the vehicle is ready to go.
  • We not only meet Federal & State guidelines, we strive to exceed them in all aspects of our company.
  • We have safety professionals in each location, trained and qualified to ensure the
    highest operating standards.
  • For more information on our Safety and Training programs, we invite you to visit