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Commitment to Safety

When you consider your transportation needs, Ryan’s Express considers your safety, it is our #1 core value.

Ryan’s Express is a Transportation Safety Exchange (TSX) Approved Carrier.

  • Recent court cases have established that group organizers who hire a charter bus may share liability with the charter bus operator when a traffic accident results in personal injury or death, with potential cost to organizers in legal fees and lawsuit awards.
  • Fewer than 3% of the 700,000 buses in the U.S. undergo annual state or federal inspection so courts have extended safety liability to trip organizers.
  • The best protection you have against exposure to liability is to choose a provider based on their safely ratings.
  • Charter bus operators within the TSX Network are pre-certified to the highest standards available and submit all their vehicles to monthly inspections.
  • Choosing a Charter Bus Company that is TSX-Approved saves you the Time & Money by a) knowing that inspections and trainings have been performed by an independent group of experts and b)adding an extra layer of protection between you and the risk of damage, loss, and litigation.

How can you find out if a bus charter company is TSX Approved?

  • We’re glad you asked.  Simply Click Here to go to the TSX website and select the button to “Find a Carrier and its Rating.”  Then fill in the Carrier’s Name, State, select “Bus,” and press “Submit.”

What is TSX?

  • Transportation Safety Exchange is the industry leader in ground transportation safety, with an unmatched reputation. They have been evaluating and monitoring motor carriers and their safety management controls for more than 20 years, with an unparalleled track record of success.  Similar to Consumer Reports, TSX provides a valuable rating service focused on the ground transportation industry.  ​​

What we do:

  • We have the best trained, most experienced drivers, each screened to the highest standards.
  • Our hiring process eliminates all but the most qualified operators.
  • We also employ a meticulous regimen of preventative maintenance with our entire fleet.
  • Our service department is highly skilled and proud to do their part to make our company
    one of the safest in the industry.
  • We not only meet, but far exceed Federal & State guidelines for safety.