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Ryan’s Express Earns Near Perfect TSX Rating 06/17/2014

Ryan’s Express Awarded TSX Approved Rating in Nevada, Arizona and California, Making Entire Company an Industry Leader in Safety

Near Perfect Rating Received by the Motor Carrier Industry’s Most Comprehensive Safety Evaluation


LAS VEGAS, NV (June 17, 2014) Ryan’s Express Transportation has proudly received the prestigious TSX Approved rating for its California, Nevada, and Arizona operations as of June 2014. The combined credentials of the three locations, with more than 150 motor coaches, make the company entirely TSX Approved. The company’s is one of only a handful of motor carrier companies operating with this status in the region, establishing it as an industry leader in safety for the West Coast.


After an extensive evaluation process, the locations based in Los Angeles (CA), Las Vegas (NV) and Phoenix (AZ) achieved a nearly perfect rating on the Transportation Safety Exchange Comprehensive Review (TSX-CR), the most complete safety review in the industry. The ratings range from 1.00 to 5.00, with 1.00 established as the highest rating (i.e., closer to 1.00 the better). The Ryan’s Express locations received a rare, nearly perfect average rating of 1.15.


“Being one of a few companies with the TSX Approved status is an important competitive edge, but more so, a responsibility of an industry leading company dedicated to safety,” said John Busskohl, Chief Executive Officer of Ryan’s Express Transportation. “It is important for customers to have a way to identify the carriers making safety their top priority. Achieving higher safety standards, like the TSX Program, demonstrates our commitment to ‘leading by example.’ I am proud of our team and their achievement. We will continue to strive to be one of the safest transportation companies in the country.”


The Transportation Safety Exchange (TSX) is the ground transportation industry’s only independent rating organization that inspects, monitors and reports the safety performance of motor carriers.  During the TSX-CR evaluation process, hundreds of specific checkpoints that are most critical to safe motor carrier operation are evaluated. The checkpoint results are combined with on-road performance information received from FMCSA to calculate overall ratings.


About Ryan’s Express:

Ryan’s Express Transportation is a full-service, high-end chauffeured ground transportation company operating in the United States with locations in California, Arizona and Nevada. The company services high profile and business class clients with a fully stocked fleet of loaded luxury motor coaches, mid-sized motor coaches, mini-coaches, deluxe passenger vans, SUVs and town car sedans.  Ryan’s Express uses uniformed professional drivers, all of whom are customer service oriented, knowledgeable, trained in transportation safety and dedicated to customer service. For more information on Ryan’s Express call 800-999-7191, 702-795-7021 or visit


About Transportation Safety Exchange:

Transportation Safety Exchange (TSX) is an independent rating organization that inspects, monitors and reports the safety performance of motor carriers in the ground transportation industry.  TSX’s mission is to reduce highway accidents, save lives and minimize the cost of damages from motor carrier accidents across North America. For more information call TSX at 855-890-8879 or visit

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Ryan’s Express Can Bring Out the Best 07/04/2013

Keeping A Cohesive Team

The fleet includes 14 school buses based at the Torrance, Calif., facility, which serve school districts throughout greater Los Angeles.

The fleet includes 14 school buses based at the Torrance, Calif., facility, which serve school districts throughout greater Los Angeles.

Chris Sanchez, the vice president of operations at Ryan’s Express, has been with the company since 2006. Along with making sure that all of the buses are in working order and well-maintained, he also oversees the operations for the other four locations. He travels often to work with each of the teams.

Sanchez got his start in the transportation industry under a family business as well, working for his family’s trucking company after college. He moved his way up through Ryan’s Express to his current position, and says through it all the employees of the company have been the glue to hold it together.

“The thing I like most about this company is the people,” he says. “We have a lot of employees in each of our locations, and they are all really passionate about the business, and it’s hard to find people like that. Our company has been through a lot of changes these last three years, and it’s the employees that have kept it together.”

Ryan’s Express does a lot of work with employee shuttle contracts, road tours, and also motorcoach and bus duty for conventions, school districts, universities and military moves. “We have three dedicated salespeople who are continually searching for business and marketing for us,” Busskohl says. “And we subscribe to a lot of RFP websites, but we get a lot of business through word of mouth because of the brand’s great reputation.”

Farming in and out is a common practice, but with having locations relatively near each other, the company also can call in the vast fleet to cover many large events in-house. As Sanchez explains, “For example there’s a NASCAR event that happens in Las Vegas every year in March. It’s a big event and we bring almost our entire fleet to Las Vegas for that weekend.”

Making A Difference To Client Experience

Ryan’s Express can go through as many as 60 tires a month for all of its 150 vehicles.

Busskohl said he plans to integrate new software programs Distinctive Systems Coach Manager and Vehicle Maintenance System into the operations, as well as continue to improve upon company communication.
“We’ve instituted an internal newsletter,” he says, “and I know that doesn’t sound like much but with us being in five locations, communication can be tough. You have guys out driving and what not. But everyone has been very appreciative.”

As Sanchez walked around the yard one recent morning, he explained how one of the biggest challenges for operations is a recent uptick in last-minute bookings. “Forecasting ahead is probably the biggest difficulty. In the past we had more people planning their vacations out ahead of time, but now it’s trending toward last-minute bookings, which makes it hard to schedule equipment and make sure we have the vehicles. We have a lot of in-house accounts with contracts we have to take care of, so last minute bookings can make things more difficult.”

But one advantage for Ryan’s Express is that with its locations spread through the southwest, many of the sightseeing charter tours run through all the locations, enabling the buses to stop in a “backyard” for service and washing, making the experience that much better for customers.

“I like to think of Ryan’s Express as an ambassador to the West. We get people from all over the world and different parts of the U.S. And I enjoy the fact that with our great drivers and vehicles, we can play a big part in someone’s enjoyment.”